Accessories for Your Electric Bike in Alberta, CA

Make your bike truly your own by accessorizing. At Freedom Ebikes, we sell a wide range of accessories to help you get better performance and more convenience from your electric bike in Alberta, CA. Accessories include: baskets, locks, helmets, phone/GPS holders, bells, horns, cushion seats, handle grips, extension bars, baskets, rear racks, fenders, cargo bags, tires and tubes, pumps, mirrors, water bottle holders, and brake pads.

Talk to the team at our electric bike shop in Alberta, CA, for product recommendations tailored to your goals. Do you want to maximize your model’s power or speed? We may recommend upgrading to a different battery or motor. Want to conquer another kind of terrain? Discuss changing out your tires with our staff. No matter what your wants or needs may be, we help you find your ideal products.

When you’re looking for replacement parts, our ebike shop in Alberta, CA, is the place to go. We carry a large and diverse inventory of accessories for electric and non-electric bikes. If anything you need is not in stock, we’re happy to order it for you.

Contact us for a complete listing of the accessories available for your new electric bike. We work with countless customers throughout Alberta, CA, and in all of the surrounding areas.

Traverse and Trek Accessories

36v 13ah Battery $399.00
48v 14.5 ah Battery $599.00
48 Volt Charger $50.00
36 Volt Charger $50.00

Max Accessories

48v 13ah Battery  $499.00
48 Volt Charger $50.00


48 Volt 13 Ah Battery $539.00
48 Volt Charger $50.00

Mini Accessories

Mini 36 Volt 10 Ah Battery $310.00
36 Volt Charger $50.00


Cruise 36 Volt 10 Ah Battery  $320.00
36 Volt Charger  $50.00