Go Green, Go Anywhere

Full sized ebike

Go Green, Go Anywhere

Have you ever spent a day blitzing a track through the backwoods and then just can’t face the last leg back to your vehicle? Why not lessen the stress on your body and take the eco-friendly route of taming those trails on an ebike? You can go anywhere on a mountain bike, and you might as well make it a green experience.

The boost from the battery is going to make your day while also falling in line with the motto of “take only photos, leave only footprints.” There’s no harmful exhaust like you would find with a dirt bike or ATV, and next to no impact on the forest floor.

Once you’ve selected your new ride, from a shop such as Freedom Ebikes, take the time to customize it with electric mountain bicycle accessories in Alberta, CA. You might want to consider having a spare battery for those really long days on the trail. And, if you’ve got two batteries, you might as well pick up another charger to cut down on charging time so you can increase your riding time.

Whether you want to tackle the terrain with a different set of tires or are thinking of a bigger motor, pick out the pieces which meet your needs so that your bike is truly yours.