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Long-Distance Touring on Full-Size Electric Bikes

There are hundreds and hundreds of miles of trees and towns to see in this beautiful part of the country. Why not plan a long-distance tour with a couple of your friends all riding full-size electric bikes in Alberta, CA? The electric motors powering the bicycles assist in traversing longer distances without the worry of getting tired, yet you still get plenty of exercise.

You can tour entirely on your e-bike or fold it up and stash it in the trunk when you’re in the city for an evening. Whatever you choose, you can certainly enjoy nature at its best on reliable, environmentally friendly transportation. Steep hills or strong winds are no deterrent to pedaling when relying on the power of an electric motor. E-bikes are also a great way for people with health problems or injuries to bike with their friends.

Look for quality and safety in your e-bike features. You want a well-built bicycle with a front suspension that handles a bumpy trail easily and one that lets you travel both along the highway and off the road. And, long-lasting batteries are a must when you depend on electricity to power your ride.

Tour the countryside on full-size electric bikes from Freedom Ebikes in Alberta, CA. These are an eco-friendly mode of transportation that makes long-distance touring easy.

Safety Features on Electric Bikes

You love the thrill of riding your bike for exercise, enjoyment, and even for work. After all, this vehicle gives you the freedom of the city or the country. And these days, we have plenty of options when it comes to bicycles—bikes powered entirely by you or an electrical motor, bikes that stand upright, or those that fold up. Combine two of those four, and you have a folding e-bike in Alberta, CA.

A bicycle with an electric motor offers you far more opportunity than a regular bike. You have the power to travel farther and faster than you would with an ordinary bike. It’s especially useful for people who love to take long trips, as well as for those who have health concerns or recent injuries. With a folding e-bike, you have a vehicle you can easily store in a car or a small space in your house.

Even though it’s a great deal of fun to ride your bike, safety features can never be far from your mind. For instance, look at the brakes. You want stable braking and rugged durability. And you need a fork that can handle uneven surfaces and reduce the impact, so the frame itself doesn’t get damaged. Keep your eyes open for a folding e-bike in Alberta, CA, that meets your needs for fun and safety.

Make your new ride a folding e-bike from Freedom Ebikes in Alberta, CA. With an electric motor, you can travel far and wide while doing so in safety and with convenience.


The Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes for Sale in Alberta, CA

Using an e-bike over a regular bike gets you where you need to go faster and easier. You can travel on some e-bikes at an average speed of 25 mph. Now you really can “take that hill over there”! Also, because you don’t sweat as much from cycling as hard, you can wear clothing that is better suited to the prevailing weather conditions.

You can also improve your health when you start riding an e-bike. Exercising on an e-bike offers you sustained aerobic exercise. Your heart rate increases and your muscles and organs benefit from the extra oxygen that flows their way. What an enjoyable way to improve your fitness! And, even those with nagging injuries may find it easier to use an e-bike because the impact on the joints is much less than on a regular bike. The fact that you can enjoy the ride without being sore may encourage you to ride more often.

The onboard motor on e-bikes makes it easier for the rider to go farther than he or she normally might go. The dread that settles over you when you come upon a steep incline disappears. Also, you are in control over when the motor assists you, which gives you the freedom to customize your riding experience and further improve your fitness.

E-bikes are great for improving strength, muscles, and joints. Strengthening exercise comes from steering, pedaling, and balancing. This low-impact workout may also help improve bone strength, which makes riding e-bikes the perfect exercise for seniors looking to stay active.

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Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to our blog. Here we plan to provide you with interesting pieces about our electric bikes for sale in Alberta, CA. New information continues to emerge about the health and fitness benefits of riding an e-bike. The many environmental advantages of using electric bikes include the reduction of air contamination, fewer ecological footprints, and the lessening of carbon emissions.

We have learned from many of our satisfied clients that their enjoyment of their e-bikes goes far beyond recreational activities. We’ve noticed that many of our e-bike clients have become more active, enjoy the fact that their fitness levels have grown. For example, although riding an e-bike is a bit easier than a non-powered bike, you still have to pedal, which means you do burn calories. Of course, we want to share with you how wonderful your e-bike experience can be. We have had grandparents come in with their grandchildren to buy bikes so they can ride together. Other customers have found that using an e-bike makes their commute around the city more efficient and far more affordable.

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